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Meeting and Calendar change

Friday 5th April 2019

The Council have approved a change to the meeting calendar, with the next meeting now scheduled to be in November 2019 rather than January 2020. This is for two reasons;

Firstly, the meeting at the end of January is at the worst time of year for travelling long distances to the meeting, and weather is always an anxiety each year. We hope that November will enable people to travel to the meeting with more confidence.

Secondly, having an AGM and thus a work-year that starts at the end of the previous pilgrimage season means that issues that have arisen during the year are fresher in the memory, and we have some time to prepare Association business before getting caught up in our own pilgrimages in the spring. We have also aligned the meeting to be in the same venue just before or after the Pilgrimage Directors meeting, so that key individuals can attend both more easily, and enhance joint working.

We felt it was a bad idea to have an twentyone-month gap and that we should keep the meeting format as it currently stands, as this is very successful and well received. The terms of office of the council officers have been adjusted to match the new timetable, with an extension of nine months to all.

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