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Gerard King


I have worked on five pilgrimages as part of the medical team, crewing a jumbulance and flying, I am just pleased that I have skills that in a little way help sick and disabled people to visit Lourdes.

My medical work over nearly forty years has been in three main areas, ambulance services, public events, and football stadia. Ambulance services work has been in support of NHS Ambulance Services, such as during Covid-19 pandemic, and providing retrieval and transport at major public events sometimes requiring cross country transport. At large public events with many thousands of people we have often set up temporary field treatments centre to test and treat a very wide range of trauma and medical problems. In football stadia I am employed by Blackburn Rovers Football club working in the club treatments rooms assessing and treating the medical problems that occur to staff and spectators. While I work at BRFC I cannot be considered a fan, when not treating people I prefer to watch the antics of the spectators, than what may be happening on the pitch!!

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